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Information in this site comes from
a review of the evidence 2006. A new review is expected in 2011- we will update it when this is out.

This site aims to help you make the best choices for you. Knowing "the facts" makes it easier to make choices, but working out what "the facts" are is not always easy.

How this website can help you

This site describes what scientists have found out so far, after comparing different ways of helping with large numbers of people.


By knowing what scientists have found out so far, you can have better conversations with those who are trying to help you.

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    What the ratings mean
  • rating rating rating
    Very likely to help. Scientists are very sure about this way of helping.
  • rating rating

    Likely to help. Scientists are pretty sure about this way of helping.

  • rating

    Might help. Scientists are not sure about this way of helping.

    Read more about the ratings >>

  • This does not mean you have to decide to go with any of the ways of helping listed here.
  • There are many ways of trying to help that haven’t been properly tested by scientists, but which might help some individuals.
  • We haven’t included them here.
  • Our knowledge will grow with time and this advice might change. Check out the links for the latest info.
  • How well you get on with the person trying to help you is likely to be important – let them know what you find helpful and unhelpful.
  • There are things for and against all types of help and they all mean you doing something new – ask about what is involved.
  • Knowledge is power