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Taking medicine as a pill or as a liquid to help you think, feel or behave differently.

Difficulties where Medicine can help
Very likely to help
Likely to help

    What the ratings mean
  • rating rating rating
    Very likely to help. Scientists are very sure about this way of helping.
  • rating rating

    Likely to help. Scientists are pretty sure about this way of helping.

  • rating

    Might help. Scientists are not sure about this way of helping.

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  • Many of the ways of helping listed here involve you meeting with an adult who is trained to help children and young people when they are troubled.
  • This sort of help may sometimes be lumped together as ‘therapy’ or ‘support and advice’.
  • In fact, there are many different sorts of ‘therapy’ and ‘support and advice’.
  • This site aims to let you know which of them scientists have found to be most helpful. Read more
  • We are all different; what helps others may not help you.
  • You may need to try more than one thing.
  • Never be afraid to ask questions or to tell people how you are finding things.
  • Our knowledge is still growing - check these links for the latest info.
  • There may be other ways of helping not yet tested by scientists that might help you.