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Information in this site comes from
a review of the evidence 2006. A new review is expected in 2011- we will update it when this is out.

Useful information

and resources

For more information about particular problems


ADDiSS (The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service)


Beat (Beating Eating Disorders) 


Frank (for info about drugs) 


Mental Health Foundation (produce leaflets on several subjects) 


National Autistic Society 


Family Lives 


Royal College of Psychiatrists 


RU-OK (website for young people) 


Childline (website aimed at 12-16 year-olds)


Tourette’s Syndrome 




Youth In Mind (for parents and teachers as well as children and young people) 


For the latest advice on the ways of helping that should be available to you


National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) – this organisation advises the NHS on the best ways of helping people with health problems. Not everything has been covered by NICE but, where it has, they can tell you what types of help should be offered to you. 

If you have concerns or worries you want to discuss privately
  • Childline (free helpline 0800 1111) 
  • Get Connected (free helpline 0808 808 4994) 
  • Samaritans (free helpline 08457 90 90 90) email 
  • YoungMinds Parent Information Service (free helpline 0808 802 5544)